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VM Excel-like user groups

14 Jun 2018 16:40 #2933 by Robert Porter
Hello, I have user groups allowed in the back-end settings, but when they try to access it, the message "You dont have sufficient permissions to use "Product excel-like manager for Virtuemart".

Any thoughts on this?
14 Jun 2018 17:05 #2934 by Super User
What happens if that user tries to access component directly from url:
14 Jun 2018 18:12 #2935 by Robert Porter
It defaults to the https (Site is forced), and gives the same error message.
14 Jun 2018 18:15 #2936 by Robert Porter
It may help to know the direct url is used from a system link url in the menu since there wasn't a way to add the menu item for the component directly.
14 Jun 2018 18:32 #2937 by Super User
Can you submit snapshot of that message
14 Jun 2018 21:14 #2938 by Robert Porter
Here you go. Error Screenshot

Also; here is how the menu is built.
15 Jun 2018 14:30 #2940 by Super User

that is caused by permissions set on Joomla level.
15 Jun 2018 14:54 #2942 by Robert Porter
How so? The Editor user group is in settings, they have access to all back-end menu items.
15 Jun 2018 15:04 #2943 by Super User
In case our component stops access with it's own permission setting screen is gray whit white letters. Message you got is on step before execution even reaches or component code.
15 Jun 2018 15:32 #2944 by Robert Porter
So which permissions need to be granted, and where? There are no available Global Configurations settings for this component.
15 Jun 2018 17:21 #2945 by Super User

you need to allow Access Administration Interface and admin login for "Editors"
19 Jun 2018 14:15 #2964 by Robert Porter
The user group has those permissions. They aren't working.
09 Jul 2018 10:18 #2978 by Ray
I have the same issue

Ive done all the proper settings and permissions

- In VM EXCEL-LIKE Ive set OPTIONS>SETTINGS>Allows users in the group to access the administration interface for this extension to the user group im using (SELLERS) plus EDITOR and SUperUSer

-GLOBAL CONFIG = EDITORS with Access Administration Interface and admin login and same for my specially created user group (SELLERS)
-User Group, SELLERS with group parent Registered and Viewing Access Level gave them REGISTERED and EDITOR
-Tested with just one user set to EDITOR and doesnt work

what am i doing wrong and was there any resolution to this topic?
10 Jul 2018 06:41 #2980 by Super User

our component has separate method of blocking access from joomla. That means that its not dependent on joomla ACL. Both joomla ACL and our component security need to be satisfied to get in.

It may be also that you don't have menu item for it and still can access component by its admin url. In this case you can simply publish module with link in joomla control panel to overcome this.

If our component blocks access then message page background will be gray and it will contain just white letter message. If you get standard joomla Forbidden page that means joomla has blocked access before our component is even reached.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Robert Porter
11 Jul 2018 01:28 #2981 by Robert Porter
If the only Joomla ACL setting for this component is set correctly, then blaming Joomla is not the best course of action in this scenario. Countless other developers work with the ACL, not against it. Thank you for making my decision not to renew this license that much easier.
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