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CHECK OUT the Selling Commander. It's PRODUCT MANAGER is a modern (year 2022) version of the Excel-like product manager. It also has a Order Manager and a white labeled B2B panel support for VirtueMart. FREE PLAN available...


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Virtuemart excel-like product manager + UDF addon = 29€ ($31) / year

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Virtuemart excel-like product manager + UDF addon + Image renamer add-on = 59€ ($61)

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VM2/VM3 compatible

The best VirtueMart bulk editing tool on the market! 

Must-have super simple utility component for VirtueMart online shops. It enables the user to change prices, stock, and other product fields very easy and fast like they do in MS Excel. UI and keyboard behavior is same as in MS Excel. The user can also add new or delete products.
The average user needs around 45 min to modify price for 100 products using default VM interface (intense work). With this component needed time for the same work task is around 6 min. From 1.0.12 we added support for product custom fields. Imagine the amount of time-saving in case of editing them!
This is the right thing for you if your users give you a blank stare when you're trying to explain to them how to update prices in stock using default Virtuemart interface.
The component supports adding and deleting
Editable fields:
- Product price
- Product price override (final sales price including tax)
- Product sales price
- Product shopper group/quantity range prices
- Product published
- Product featured 
- Product stock
- Product alias (part of SEF URL, useful when SEO optimizing)
- Product SKU
- Product name
- Product categories
- Product manufacturer
- Product meta description
- Product meta author
- Product meta keys
- Product meta robot
- Product dimensions
- Product short description
- Product description
- Product custom fields!!!
- Product images (add/remove/order/set meta)!!!

- Product weight

- Product weight unit

- Product length

- Product width

- Product height

- Product length/width/height unit

- Product packaging

- Product unit

- Product images

- Product content

- Product URL

- Product GTIN/EAN (vm3)

- Product MPN (vm3)

Available product filters:
- By product SKU
- By product name
- By product category (or multiple categories)
- By product manufacturer
- By product status
The component is very fast and pleasant for use. If you load 10000 products, the grid will create HTML elements only for grid rows user see, so it will work fast no matter how many products you filter. It also supports pagination. It will show up when applicable.
The component also enables Excel CSV export/import for price/stock change if you prefer to do it that way.
If you have CSV generated form external application that is not of default format supported by this component, you can configure CSV custom format settings to allow import any particular CSV.
While working with an online spreadsheet, all changes are auto-saved.




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