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This plugin enables customers of your Virtuemart 3 shop to log in with their email, phone or mobile phone number.

Ability to log in using username is also kept.

The plugin works immediately on installation and no configuration is needed.

The plugin will also operate on some later versions of Virtuemart 2.


 DEMO: You can check plugin in action on this link...

 On the same site, you can also test it on the checkout page. Info data you need for the test is on top of the page.



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After installation, you will probably want to change 'Username' label. 

1. To do this go to Extensions->Langauges

2. Click on 'Overrides' in the left panel.

3. Click on 'New' in the toolbar

4. For language constant input COM_USERS_LOGIN_USERNAME_LABEL

5. In text field input desired text like 'Email or phone'

6. Save

There is also language constant for checkout page. Use the same process to override COM_VIRTUEMART_USERNAME label.