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Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce and WP E-commerce

Get API key and download, price: 19.00€ (~$21.15) 16.00€ (~$17.8)

Woo commerce excel like product manager




Excel like product manager for WooCommerce / WP E-commerce

best wooCommerce bulk editing tool on the market! 

Get API key and download, price: 19.00€ (~$21.15) 16.00€ (~$17.8)


A WooCommerce / WP E-commerce 'MS Excel'-like fast input spreadsheet editor for product data you change most frequently. It supports both WooCommerce and WP E-commerce. UI behaves same as in MS Excel. It also has import/export feature. This is the right thing for you if your users give you a blank stare when you're trying to explain to them how to update prices, stock and other product data using default shop interface.

The average user needs around 39 min to modify price for 100 products using default shop interface (intense work). With this component needed time for same work task is around 6 min. Imagine the amount of time-saving in case of editing attributes or other product fields available only in full edit screen!


Available fields (Edit/View/Import CSV/Export CSV)


SPECIAL OFFER! (Enable MS Excel .xlsx) 

Excel like product manager for WooCommerce / WP E-commerce + multi-import plugin (.xlsx) = 23€ ($24.5)

Buy Now (including milti-import plugin .xlsx ) ! only 23€ (~$24.50)



Price, Sales Price, Attributes (Each pivoted as a column), SKU, Category, Shipping class, Name, Slug, Stock, Featured, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Tax status, Tax class, Image, Gallery...

You can also add up to 20 custom fields targeting anything, even properties added by other plugins!

FROM 2.0.0 FULL variation attribute SUPPORT!

CSV IMPORT of featured image/product gallery using images from any web location (useful when migrating shops)

FILTERS: SKU, Name, Category, Shipping class, Status, All Attributes




WP E-commerce:

Price, Sales Price, Tags, SKU, Category, Name, Slug, Stock, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Taxable, Local and international shipping costs, Image (image in not exportable/importable)

You can also add up to 20 custom fields targeting anything, even properties added by other plugins!

FILTERS: SKU, Name, Category, Tag, Status


 + Mass prices update by amount or percentage by filter criteria


* POLYLANG support

* WPML support


The component is very fast and pleasant for using. If you load 10000 products, the grid will create HTML elements only for grid rows user see, so it will work fast no matter how many products you filter. It also supports pagination. It will show up when applicable.

The component also enables Excel CSV export import for price, stock and other available fields change if you prefer to do it that way.
If you have CSV generated from external application that is not of default format supported by this component. Than you can configure CSV custom format settings to allow import any particular CSV.
If your company uses business application where you manage all products and need an automatic way of publishing changes to web component offers an option of remote CSV importing. Upload script is contained inside the component. You can put it in the same folder where your business app exports CSVs and hook it to cron job to be executed at some time intervals. 
While working with spreadsheet all changes are auto-saved. 
- Frozen columns
- Column reordering
- Sorting
- Turn off/on default columns
- Custom fields (Enables you to edit anything like content, excerpt, date, all post fields.., any meta key, any term...)




Excel like product manager for WooCommerce / WP E-commerce

Get API key and download, price: 19.00€ (~$21.15) 16.00€ (~$17.8)




WooCommerce Banca Intesa (ASSECO SEE) NestPay plugin

WooCommerce payment method plugin for Banca Intesa (ASSECO SEE) "NestPay"
Applies to all banks using the NestPay system: Banca Intesa, AIK banka, Unicredit bank, Erste bank, EuroBank EFG, Komercijalna banka, Sparkasse bank, Gorenjska banka, Deželna banka Slovenije d.d., BKS Bank, Banka Celje, Hranilnica LON, Hranilnica Vipava, Nova KBM, Poštna banka Slovenije, Probanka, Erste Bank Croatia ...
Known compatible countries: BiH, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia
The plugin is developed for the Banca Intesa "NestPay" in the Adriatic region/South-Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, BiH...) but it is compatible with the "ASSECO NestPay" anywhere in the world (you just need to change the gateway URL).

Ukoliko ste firma iz Srbije i želite da platite preko računa, molimo Vas, prosledite nam podatke firme radi kreiranja fakture.

Ukoliko ste iz Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, Crne Gore ili Makedonije i ako ste osnovali firmu najkasnije 3 meseca pre današnjeg datuma i jedini ste osnivač možete zahtevati da Vam HOLEST ENGINEERING izda plugin besplatno za jednu godinu. Ukoliko je osnivač ženskog pola plugin se izdaje besplatno na 2 godine. Nepohodno je da na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prosledite:

- sken/fotografiju rešenja o osnivanju (moraju biti vidljivi datum osnivanja i ime osnivača)

- sken/fotografiju ugovora (tj. tzv. pred-ugovor) sa bankom o online plaćanju (mora biti vidljivo da je ugovor sklopljen sa firmom iz prethodne stavke)


Note that you need the parameters (for test or for the production) issued by your bank on your initial contract request in order of making test or real transactions.


FULL WooCommerce Intergartion! All operations are available from the site itself:

- Auth(simple sale)

- PreAuthorization (money rezervation on CC)

- PostAuthorization (money capture from CC, full or partial)

- VOID (Cancelation)

- Refund (full or partial)


Customizations or changes are possible with separate deals.

The configuration is easy. There are few important parameters and no coding is required.

1. Install plugin into Wordpress (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin)
2. Activate it
3. Go to WooCommerce settings and click on "Checkout" tab, you'll see "Nestpay Intesa" Link
4. The first-time activation requires API key, enter it and click on "Activate". You can use it on maximum 1 site. 3 activations will be allowed.

In the WooCommerce Checkout section you'll see plugin options after activation.

-Enable plugin: yes/no
-Description: This controls the description which the user sees during checkout. You can leave it empty too.
-Bank logo: bank logo image. the image will be appended to payment method name.
-CC logo: the image of supported CC types. The image will be appended to payment method name.
-Use currency: If your site uses a currency other than one accepted by bank NestPay system you can then explicitly set currency here.
-Conversion rate (multiplier): if you tick "Use currency" you should provide exchange rate here
-Language code: code for language to be used on NestPay CC input page (rs, en, it ...)
-Merchant ID: Enter merchant id from Intesa backend (provided by bank system).
-Merchant/API User Name (you generate it on bank merchant portal or use username of the main account)
-Merchant/API Password (you generate it on bank merchant portal or password of the main account)
-Form submit URL: Form submit URL for pay redirect. Provided by the bank. Make sure to put production URL for real store, not testing one (provided by bank system, example:
-API URL: NestPay API service URL. Provided by the bank. Make sure to put production URL for real store, not testing one (provided by bank system, example:
-Store key: Secret generated by you on the merchant portal (example: If you change it on the merchant portal make sure you update it also in plugin settings. It should be long and complicated.
-Title: This controls the title which the user sees during checkout.
-Transaction type: usually you can't choose and a bank will tell you what to use. Pre-Authorization requires you to "capture" authorized transactions from the merchant portal.
-Store type: bank staff will tell you. Usually 3d_pay_hosting unless you are a merchant from Bosnia and Hercegovina.
-Override post-back URL: set this only if you don't see transaction data on thank you page. It should be URL to your thank you page without query string parameters (skip part after ?).
-Order completed status: Select order completed status.
-Order failed status: Select order failed status.
-Plugin API key: Plugin API key (provided by us).


Settings note: The "CC input" is available only in the BiH (depends on country payment security standards). For Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, FYROM (Macedonia), Serbia, and Slovenia "CC input" must be disabled and that type of transaction is one enabled for you by the bank (Pre-Authorization / Authorization). It is recommended that you use username/pass of API account you can create from the bank portal instead of master username/pass. Don't forget to complicate the Store Key with at least 20 alfa-numeric characters.



Plugin je kompatibilan i sa NestPay sistemom svih banaka u Srbiji





All regular payment parameters are also available



WooCommerce Asseco SEE 'MerchantSafe Unipay' MSU payment plugin

WooCommerce Asseco SEE 'MerchantSafe Unipay' MSU payment plugin"
This is WooCommerce plugin for ASSECO SEE 'MerchantSafe Unipay' online payment system.
If customization or changes are needed we are open for deals.

NOTE: If your bank gave you details for the system called "NestPay 3D Secure" then you need this other plugin: NestPay 3D Secure payment plugin

Configuration is easy. You just need to enter parameters that bank provided you:


MerchantSafe Unipay




All regular payment parameters are also available
MerchantSafe Unipay

Raiffeisen Bank ePay online payment plugin for wooCommerce

Raiffeisen Bank ePay online payment plugin for wooCommerce

(e-Pay system is used by Raiffeisen bank in BiH)

The Wordpress/wooCommerce plugin adds payment method for Raiffeisen Bank ePay payment system.

The plugin is written as proper wooCommerce payment plugin. There are no code changes required by users. You just need to install it and fill parameters as given by the bank. 

The plugin is even equipped with auto-tool for certificate automatic setup from .p12 file (this step lots of users find difficult and confusing so we made an option to set up that for you).   

Since Raiffeisen ePay is the same in all countries where Raiffeisen Bank exists plugin is applicable to all countries. 

NOTE: Raiffeisen bank, depending on country uses other systems also. This plugin is for the "ePay" system only.


GDPR - Plugin itself does not use cookies! 

Raiffeisen epay
Set-up instructions:
1. Download .zip file
2. Upload it into Wordpress (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin)
3. Activate it
4. Go to WooCommerce settings and click on "Checkout" tab, you'll see "Raiffeisen bank ePay" tab link. Click on it.
5. The first-time activation requires API key, enter it and click on "Activate". 
Plugin options:
1. Enable: Enables or disables payments using this method
2. Title: Method title
3. Description: Text displayed to the user in payment method selection list
4. Bank logo: Image added to text displayed to the user in payment method selection list
5. CC logo: Image added to text displayed to the user in payment method selection list
6. Language code: Optional language code as supported by the bank for BiH it is BS, for Serbia RS
7. Currency: If you leave "As in order" plugin will read currently from order. If you set other value it will use that value.
8. Merchant Handler URL (without port): Given to you by the bank. Remove: port from URL
9. Merchant Handler port: Port you remove from the link in 'Merchant Handler url'
10. Certificate auto-tool / setup certificates from .p12 file: This file is provided by the bank. Uploading it here will set 'Certificate file (.pem) path', 'Keyfile file path' and CA Info
11. Certificate file (.pem) path (manual): .pem certificate extracted from .p12 file 
12. PEM Certificate password (if exists): password for the .pem certificate (provided by the bank)
13. Keyfile file (.pem) path (manual): .pem key extracted from .p12 file 
14. PEM Key password (if exists): this is not used (unless you set it yourself)
15. CA Info / Extra certificates file (.pem) path (manual): .pem CA extracted from .p12 file
16. Auth type: Bank will tell you what to use. Depends on contract
17. Client redirect url (bank payment url): Bank url client is redirected to enter CC. This is provided by the bank
18. Order completed status: Select status for your order after the user pays with CC successfully
19. Order failed status: Select status for your order when the user payment fails for some reason



Excel-like product manager for wooCommerce multi-import addon

This is the plugin that works in conjunction with Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce.

Allows centralized control of import and export of multiple sites.

Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)

This plugin adds two additional abilities to Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce.


1. Working with MS Excel .xlsx files. CSV files often have a problem because they can easily break data. When using XLSX you don't have to worry about those things.

2. You can import/export data using a single site to multiple other sites.


- You can do import/export from/to number of client sites running Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce

- You can also use it on a single site if it is client and control site at the same time

- You can import/export CSV or XLSX files


Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)


Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)





Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)

NestPay wooCommerce plugin - Smernice



Unosom sledećih 5 parametara: Merchant ID, Korisnicko ime glavnog ili API naloga, Lozinka glavnog ili API naloga, URL banke za prihvat unosa kartice, URL za API zahteve, Store Key plugin će imati osnovnu konfiguraciju za rad. 

Merchanat ID, Korisnick ime-loziku glavnog naloga, URL banke za prihvat unosa kartice, URL za API zahteve dobijate od banke.

Potom je potrebno da se logujete na virtuelni portal banke (npr. i da u delu administracija generisete Store Key. Onda krirajte API usera i pazite da ne ostane u zakljucanom stanju.


Tip transakcije

Ako se koristi Pre-Autorizacija (rezervacija) novac se rezerviše na kartici kupca. Da bi legao na Vaš račun morate uraditi Post-Autorizaciju (Capture) ili ga možete osloboditi VOID transakcijom. Može se Post-autorizovati iznos manji ili jednak rezervisanom. Rezervisani novac biće oslobođen od strane banke klijenta (obično oko mesec dana posle) ukoliko ga ne post-autorizujete ili oslobodite sami ranije. 


Kod proste prodaje (Autorizacija) novac se odmah skida sa kartice kupca.






A variable mismatch has been detected


Ovaj problem se javio u Aprilu 2020 kod aktuelnih verzija WPML/Polzlang i WP-a. Nije do našeg plugina. Problem je u tome sto se WPML i Ploylang na novom WP-u "ne slazu" sa povratnim POST odgovorom banke. I da plugin ne postoji na sajtu. a da se pošalje takav POST zahtev. dobili bi istu poruku.

Jedno privremeno rešenje je da se u glavni fajl Polylang-a ili WPML-a umetne ovaj kod (kao prvi php kod u fajlu) da bi sprecio inicializaciju:

if(isset($_REQUEST["oid"])) return;

Povratni odgovor banke uvek sadrži oid POST variablu. Ovo naravno znači da u tom slučaju Polylang-a ili WPML neće oraditi svoje (samo na toj povratnoj strani a i u e-mailu ordera). Naš plugin i wooCommerce imaju nativne prevode koje možete urediti preko "Loco Translate" plugina. Takodje u našem pluginu postoji opcija da se fiksira lokalozacija ali to važi samo za tekst koji dolazi is samog plugina.