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Viruemart Order Backend Edit


In VM3 / VM2 it is sometimes hard to edit products of created order because only thing offered is plain text fields for name, SKU, and price.

This plugin enchants VirtueMart back-end edit interface.

It adds searchable drop-downs for Name and SKU. It also makes every field and price editable.

Every change updates price boxes accordingly by attribute price value.


List of editable things:

- list item attributes

- list item product

- list item status

- list item price

- order discount amount

- order total. amount

- shipment fee amount

- shopper and shopper address

- shipping method

- payment method 

Buy Now only 19€ (~$20.00)


order backend edit1 


Buy Now only 19€ (~$20.00)



Drop-downs for attributes are also added. Attribute values can be easily chosen and the price is updatedaccordingly.


Buy Now only 19€ (~$20.00)



order backend edit2



Buy Now only 19€ (~$20.00)


ob edit3

ob edit4ob edit5