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WooCommerce payment method plugin for Banca Intesa (ASSECO SEE) "NestPay"
The plugin is developed for Banca Intesa "NestPay" in Adriatic region/South-Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, BiH...) but it is compatible with "ASSECO NestPay" anywhere in the world (you just need to change gateway URL).

If customization or changes are needed we are open for deals.


NOTE: If your bank gave you details for the system called "MerchantSafe Unipay" then you need this other plugin: MerchantSafe Unipay payment plugin

Configuration is easy, there are few important parameters:
- Merchant ID (assigned by the bank)
- API username (you generate it on bank merchant portal)
- API password (you generate it on bank merchant portal)
- Store key (you generate it on bank merchant portal)
- Form submit URL (https://host/fim/est3dgate, you set testing or production URL, they can be obtained from bank support)


Settings note: For BiH enable "CC input". For Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia make sure "CC input" is disabled and that type of transaction is Pre-Authorization. It is recommended that you use username/pass of API account you can create from bank portal instead of master username/pass.





Plugin je kompatibilan i sa NestPay sistemom svih banaka u Srbiji





All regular payment parameters are also available