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NAT Traversal , peer-to-peer networking cross platform api

quickP2P goal is to mark new small era in applications development. There are tons and tons of application in Google play or Apple app store lacking NAT Traversal-ed end-to-end connection capabilities so they could not have their full potential. This is usually result of fact that NAT traversal is commonly dark subject for majority of developers. quickP2P enables application development team to instantly solve this matter and to focus on their application primary usage.

  • First easy to use cross-platform NAT traversal/peer-to-peer network API.

    • Publish you voice/video over IP application in a week!
    • Have an live online multiplayer game with 1000000 players supported by just one real server
    • Transfer data directly between peers eliminating security risks of cloud systems
    • Cheap way of real-time control over distant devices/machines/robots over internet
    • Your team is "Green" (Networking)? No worry - all the hard things done by us!
    • State of the art NAT traversal
    • General purpose peer meta information definition and searching
    • Includes secure KEY exchange and AES encryption utilities
    • Built in virtual network/user indexing subsystem
    • General purpose meta information definition and searching for indexing subsystem
  • quickP2P cross-platform API

    Use quickP2P API in any OS you need

    • Native Microsoft .NET api
    • Native C++ 0x (+obj C selector extensions) API portable to any OS
    • JNI wrapper around C++ lib for use in Java/Android SDK

    Native c++ API is portable to any POSIX system supporting BSD or winsock2 socket.

    quickP2P API is based on thread conservative asynchronous event/callback model enabling smooth flow of UI in your applications

    All API versions are very much look-alike. In order of maximizing programming comfort we even developed special "C# look-alike" event/callback system for native c++ CLI api. You can also use for other parts of your application. With it in native c++ you can easily do things like putting anonymous callback method body inside of method that invokes asynchronous function. See code examples...

  • quickP2P - everything you need for your peer-to-peer application

    quickP2P API is everything you need for your peer-to-peer application

    • Easily invoke-able traversal operation will do everything in behind and return to you connected TCP or communication ready UDP socket
    • Connection creation is garanitied. If all traversal methods fail (2% possibility) connection is created using raw relay.
    • You can define any meta-data property for peer object. You can search peers by values of this properties
    • Bulit in instant-message system. Peer-to-peer application commonly need a way to pre-negotiate before real direct communication tunnel is opened between them. This messages can be also put in good use for adding chat feature to your application.
    • Secure KEY exchange and AES encryption included
    • Peer status track. You can register local peer to track remote peers status and get information about changes instantly
    • You have built in index system for virtual users and networks. quickP2P index system is based on mongo DB and gives you permanent meta-data storage. It provides user object management, basic username/password authentication and search-ability by user meta-data. You define any meta-data property as you need. It also defines virtual network object you can assign users to and also search by meta-data.
    • quickP2P server system is scalable. No matter how menu users you have new super-nodes can be easily added. Super-node can contain CHECKPOINT service, HANDSHAKE service, STUN service, INDEX service and RELAY service. Each super-node component can be added to particular super-node multiple times.

    This features cover all common needs outside "application black box" so you can focus on application itself not worrying about additional web services you need to power system infrastructure.



We found that electroactive polymers are very interesting and promising technology. The most known family of electroactive polymers are the ones that can bend, shrink or stretch if you pass small electrical current through them. The obvious use is in a field of robotics as a replacement for muscles. 

Here are some videos of existing laboratory models:

Actuating family of electroactive polymers is just one family of this materials. There are also materials that can change other characteristics when exposed to electrical current like viscosity (become sticky). This is another thing we want to use for this project.

What we want is to build something small but attractive based on electroactive polymers so we could later take a more serious role in filed of modern robotics. So our choice is tiny robot spider because it's easy to build in every aspect. 

The spider will have six legs and one utility arm. Each leg has 3 axes joint and 3 electroactive fibers that can shrink and relax to produce actuation in the right direction. So each leg will be controlled by 9 electroactive fibers. Fiber will be packed around metal bone like we have in our own arms - bones, and muscles around them. 

At the end of each leg, there will be a piece of electroactive gel that can change viscosity. This will enable it to climb the walls like a real spider.

Utility arm will have needles that spider itself can plug into the electric jack to recharge the battery. This way spider could stay on mission for a long time because he could sneak to some electric jack to recharge himself. 

The spider will be capable of connecting to the internet using 3G/4G or WIFI and will be able to transmit live audio/video from front and rear IC cam. The spider will be controlled by a human via the internet but will be equipped with some autonomous moment algorithms for certain complicated moment operation, like stabbing utility arm needles into the electrical jack, 180-degree turn, sidewalk...      


What can we expect from this project?

 - The spider can be mass produced. It can be offered to military, police, private eyes ... In the end, it can be a cool toy. We expect one spider model cloud cost 2500-3500$ when mass produced. So we can expect we can profit from selling spider model.

- Having operating spider model will help us go further with other more complicated things. It will give us valuable technical data we would use to later more complicated products. Like in producing human, dog, cat ... artificial prosthetic replacement.

- The final goal is a development of humanly sized droid equipped with artificial intelligence.


What can technically most difficult parts of development?

Crafting spider skeleton and bounding electroactive polymer fiber muscles to it is certainly not an easy task, but it is not most difficult.

One difficult task is choosing the right polymer compound. Some electroactive polymers react fast, some slow, some require more energy some less to operate. So we need to find the right balance. Spider needs to move decently fast and to consume energy as low as possible because it depends on battery.     

Spider body carries tiny computer powered by arm9 CPU and based on Linux operating system. That tiny computer will execute all tasks needed for spider body to operate and move. 

Most difficult part is building software to control moments of the spider. It has to synchronize and coordinate voltage on artificial muscles fibers so spider could move and stand steadily. Also, it has to be adaptive because force put to actuation of each fiber will be almost always variable and will depend on terrain spider moves on at the moment. This is also the most valuable thing that will emerge from this project for later use. When we have the right adaptive algorithm for controlling 63 fiber artificial muscles in the spider, we will be able to adapt it to control something more complex that has ten times more fiber muscles in it.    


So from reading this text you can see honestly one goal is giving something new to the world that can help humankind. It can become standard, and of course other is that it can make the profit. Maybe not much from spider project itself, but certainly from moment coordination software we will develop from this.

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