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Excel for woocommerce - generating variations no longer possible?

10 Jan 2019 15:24 #3652 by Krzysztof
Hi, im using excel + lastest woocommerce and i can t see that add variation option anywhere?
10 Jan 2019 16:11 #3653 by Super User
Click on the cell that says "Variations...". There you will have the option to add new ones.
10 Jan 2019 16:21 #3654 by Krzysztof
Ok, i found it, looks like its hiding with some column i had disabled
it only adds new variations without any data? i was under the impression that if you have checkboxes for attributes it would make combinations of them automatically?
10 Jan 2019 16:34 #3655 by Super User
It adds empty rows for you to enter attribute values.
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