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Language pack support - language Russian

21 Jan 2019 07:33 #3663 by Roci37
Virtuemart Excel-Like product manager - Russian language is supported?
21 Jan 2019 08:42 #3664 by Super User

yes, there is Russian localization included.

Also component allows editing in the selected language (if the site is multilingual).
21 Jan 2019 09:05 - 21 Jan 2019 09:18 #3665 by Roci37
Okay, I'll try to buy it. Please tell me the component is tied to a specific domain? I am currently creating a site on localhost.

Another question: I have a CMS Joomla 3.9, VM 3.4-your component will currently work correctly and be updated in the future?
21 Jan 2019 10:18 #3666 by Super User
Yes. It is compatible with your VM version.

The component supports the standard Joomla update method.
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