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some urgent pre-sales questions (Excel Like Manager Woo)

05 Jan 2020 12:18 #5883 by Dmitry
Hello, Ivan!
There're some questions about Excel Like Manager.

As I understand, license is linked with the domain name. I develop on localhost with the domains usually like "1", "test", "test2" etc.
Is it necessary to make a development on the SAME domain name as it'll be a published later? Or there is other solution?

Is the export file compatible with the standard WC functionality (can Excel-like-manager CSV file be uploaded without installed plugin).

Is there export option to set the "global attribute" for some exported attributes? (will exported product attributes/categories create the same global taxonomy in "recepient" site? or ALL imported attributes will stay as "individual attributes" - and global att-s need to be set manually)  

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